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Trustee services

Jordan Park Trust Company provides bespoke trustee services for a select group of families. We work to protect and manage their legacies and serve as trustee in many capacities and trust designs, including private foundations.

Full Trustee

As full trustee, we manage trust assets in partnership with you and your advisors. In this capacity we make discretionary distributions and handle all aspects of trust administration.

Administrative Trustee

As administrative trustee, our responsibilities are defined by the terms of each trust, and can be limited or expansive, depending on the trust creator’s wishes.

We help our clients navigate the complexities of their trusts to ensure we achieve their purpose.

Private Trust Company services

A Private Trust Company (PTC) is a family-controlled trust company that provides trust, investment, and related services to a single family, their trusts, and their entities.

Working in partnership with a family and their advisors, we help design PTCs to meet the specific purpose of each client family.

Once designed and created, we provide comprehensive administrative services to both regulated and self-regulated PTCs, delivered as turn-key solutions, or a-la-carte, in accordance with each family’s desires and objectives.